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Bye bye butterfly - Research on insect decline

Avatar of Redakteur: Marco Giardino Redakteur: Marco Giardino - 13. April 2018 - Forschung, Aktuelles


von Jan Christian Habel

Current studies revealed a significant loss of biodiversity worldwide, and data show a rapid decrease of insects across Germany, and Central Europe, most probably due to agricultural intensification. Researchers of the Chair of Terrestrial Ecology are studying long-term trends of species richness (mainly butterflies, but also other insect groups). These studies showed that there is a severe decline of species richness and shifts in species composition; these changes and negative trends happened mainly during the past few decades (parallel with agricultural intensification). Species demanding specific resources suffer particularly. We will continue working with such unique long-term data-sets, in close collaboration with other institutions such as the Zoological State Collection Munich and Karlsruhe, and the Senckenberg Entomological Institute, to approve trends and to analyse potential drivers leading to this massif loss of insects across landscapes - and to increase pressure onto the EU agricultural policy.

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Polyommatus icarus still common in Bavaria (Foto: Jan Christian Habel)

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